Digital Inventory

The National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) in Jakarta and the National Archives of the Netherlands (Nationaal Archief) have jointly identified and catalogued large sections of the 2,200 metres of VOC archives in the ANRI repositories during 2001 – 2007. This resulted in a newly published inventory in 2007. The inventory of Hoge Regering is published digitally on this website.

Brill in Leiden published the inventory in 2007 in book format. A full version of this 2007 inventory (in PDF, size is 7,5 MB) can be downloaded here >>

This inventory of the VOC archives replaced the old 1882 inventory compiled by by the first Keeper (Landsarchivaris) of the Government Archives in Batavia – J.A. van der Chijs (in office, 1892-1905) - published under the auspices of Het Bataviaasch Genootschap voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen. A full version of this 1882 inventory (in PDF, size is 62 MB) can be downloaded here >>

One of the sub archives of the VOC archives is about the Hoge Regering, the High Government at the Castle of Batavia.
A PDF version of the archive of the High Government can be downloaded here >>

The inventory, as the Primary Entry, can be used as a direct link to the archival sources, the scanned archive folios, and the Secondary Entries or history search databases to the selected and scanned archival series. The first such databases are the so-called Marginalia and the Realia databases.

The contents of the 2007 inventory is re-entered step-by-step in the open source archival description tool ICA-AtoM. This tool is supported by the International Council of Archives. The multi-level archival descriptions have been exported from this tool into the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) data exchange format, in order to be published on this website.

As a result of scanning and re-assessment of the archive bundles, some recent changes to the physical archives have occured. This means that the 2007 Brill inventory is no longer up to date. Some archival descriptions are adjusted in the inventory that is published on this website. This means that from November 2013 onwards this website has the latest inventory. This inventory will be maintained online by the team of ANRI.

The inventory of Hoge Regering is available in three languages:


VOC Archive Hoge Regering - digitization coverage (PDF download here >>)