This website shows several digitized archive series with thousands of scans published online. There are also several database indexes that provide access to the archives and scans. These databases make the archives searchable. Two digitized book publications are also published on this website. Finally, there are translated documents published in the Harta Karun section. These documents have been selected from the digitalized series and they offer some samples of what the researcher may expect to find. This infographic shows all these sources together, their number of items and how they connect to each other. It is a clickable map that can be used for navigation. 

sejarahnusantara hartakarun_cat1 hartakarun_cat2 hartakarun_cat3 dagregisters bijlagen resolutieboeken kaarten plakaatboeken diplbrieven marginalia realia bijlagen collectieDeHaan contracten hathiplakaatboeken corpusdiplomaticum