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Rulers from more than 350 different locations in and around Asia sent diplomatic letters to Batavia Castle during the 1625-1812 period. These were selected for the current digitisation project. This page provides in a clear overview and a map showing these locations in relation to Batavia and the details of the correspondence, such as the amount of letters received and sent.

A world map showing all the locations found in the incoming and outgoing diplomatic letters from Batavia:

Download the full KML file with the geographical coordinates of all locations here:

The top ten locations from which letters were written to and received from Batavia:

Download the full overview here, sorted by their number of letters:

Download the full overview here, sorted geographically:

Browsing and searching for locations

The locations were the respective administrative and political centres, and residences of the rulers. Sometimes these centres (kratons, palaces) still exist. The location names are given by their modern name and are grouped alphabetically under that name. Locations may have different alternative names and usually they have a known geographical position on the world map. For research purposes, the location’s modern name is used throughout.

Place Number of letters Location
Aceh Dar-ud Dunia > Banda Aceh > Sumatra > South East Asia 8
Addis Ababa Ethiopia > Abyssinia > Africa 3
Adonara West- and East Nusa Tenggara > Adonara > South East Asia 68
Agra India/Ceylon > South Asia 2
Ahmedabad Amdavad > India/Ceylon > Gujarat > South Asia 3
Ainara Timor > South East Asia 2
Amabi Timor > South East Asia 42
Amakono Timor > South East Asia 16
Amanatun Onam > Timor > South East Asia 11
Amanuban Timor > South East Asia 22
Amarasi Timor > South East Asia 30
Ambenu Timor > South East Asia 23
Ambon Kampung Batu Merah > Moluccas > South East Asia 21
Amfoan Timor > South East Asia 28
Amoy Xiamen > China > East Asia 11
Annam Cochinchina > Vietnam > South East Asia 5
Anping Fort Zeelandia > Tainan > Taiwan > European Settlement 1
Arau Wukan Java > South East Asia 1
Asilulu Moluccas > Ambon > South East Asia 1
Atsabe Timor > South East Asia 6