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Volume Date Description Area
Volume 3, page 56-57 May. 11, 1677 contract number: CCCLXXXIII - 383
name kingdom: Ternate
description: Het Contractboek. Ook in Overgecomen brieven 1678, vijfde boeck,folio 145 e.v.
place signed: Lombotto, Gorrontalo
signed by Asians: Paducca Siry Sulthan Amsterdam, koning van Tern
signed by Europeans: Robbertus Padbrugge, Andries Oloffoz
Molukken-Gorontalo en Limbotto
Volume 3, page 491-492 Mar. 29, 1689 contract number: DXVI - 516
name kingdom: Limbotto
description: De Overgecomen brieven 1690, vijfde boeck, folio 322 en volgande
place signed: casteel Orangie Ternaten
signed by Asians: prins Goelamgomoe, prins Boneelo, prins Alamat
signed by Europeans: Joan Henric Thim, A. du Molin, C. van Otteren, Pr Alsteyn
Volume 6, page 398-401 Aug. 24, 1776 contract number: MCII - 1102
name kingdom: Limbotto
description: Uit het Contractenboeck XI (no. 19) op het Arsip Negara te Djakarta.
place signed: Quandang, in 't fortres Leiden.
signed by Asians: koning Mahomat Badar Oedien Iskandar Naki, Mahomat Laeyja
signed by Europeans: Gerardus Willem van Renesse, Bartolomeus van de Walle, Gerrit Willem de Wolf