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Volume Date Description Area
Volume 3, page 56-57 May. 11, 1677 contract number: CCCLXXXIII - 383
name kingdom: Ternate
description: Het Contractboek. Ook in Overgecomen brieven 1678, vijfde boeck,folio 145 e.v.
place signed: Lombotto, Gorrontalo
signed by Asians: Paducca Siry Sulthan Amsterdam, koning van Tern
signed by Europeans: Robbertus Padbrugge, Andries Oloffoz
Molukken-Gorontalo en Limbotto
Volume 3, page 127-136 Mar. 25, 1678 contract number: CDXI - 411
name kingdom: Gorontalo
description: Uit de Overgecomen brieven 1678, sesde boeck, folio 158 verso en volgende.
place signed: casteel Orangie tot Maleyen op 't eyland Ternaten
signed by Asians: Coning van Gorontalo, goegoegoe van Limbotte
signed by Europeans: R. Padbrugge, Cornelis Swerus, G. Proost, Dirck de Gheyn, Andries Oloffsz.
Volume 4, page 368-372 Jun. 9, 1710 contract number: DCLXXXV - 685
name kingdom:
description: De Overgecomen brieven 1711, 14de boeck, afdeeling Macasser, folio 98-102.
place signed: Ternaten casteel Orange
signed by Asians: Radja van Boni, koningen van Gorontalo Wallingadje, Limbotto Pelicaboeta
signed by Europeans: H.v.d. Burgh
Volume 5, page 88-96 Sep. 26, 1730 contract number: DCCLXXVIII - 778
name kingdom:
description: Het Contractboek. Ook in de Overgecomen brieven 1731, 22ste boeck, afdeeling Ternaten, 3de register 132 en volgende.
place signed:
signed by Europeans: Js Chrs Pielat, Js Boner, E.v. Stade, N. B. Lelivelt, W.v. Beseler, Pr Reaal, J. d' Lille
Volume 5, page 340-341 Jul. 3, 1742 contract number: DCCCLXVII - 867
name kingdom: Gorontalo, Limbotto
description: Uit het Contractboek. Ook in de verzameling der Kamer-Zeeland, no. 8149, alsmede in de Overgecomen brieven 1743, 18de boeck, folio 2290 en volgende.
place signed: Ternaten casteel Orange
signed by Asians: Kitchil Goelopango en Limbotse rijxgroten
signed by Europeans: Mn Lelivelt, Hubertus Vermehr, Pr Janszen, Ay Ed Meder, Jan Weynekes, Petrus Wernehr, W.A. Lults, J.W. Schults, J.F. Stegman
Volume 5, page 409-413 Mar. 19, 1746 contract number: DCCCLXXXVIII - 888
name kingdom:
description: Uit de Overgecomen brieven 1747, 17de boeck, folio 1025 en volgende.
place signed: Ternaten casteel Orange
signed by Asians: Goegoegoe van Gorontalo Mapanga, capt-lauwt van Limobotto Parada, kitchiel Bankeleh, dito Polondoho, secretaris Boekit, dito Bonbonnia
signed by Europeans: Gerrard van Brandwijk van Blokland, Hk Stemer, Pieter Jansz, Jb Fk Stegman, Jn Rijswijk, Jb Scherens