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Volume Date Description Area
Volume 1, page 104-108 Jan. 5, 1613 contract number: XLIV - 44
name kingdom: Boeton
description: Contractboek archief VOC NAN.
place signed: Strand van Bouton
signed by Asians: Koning van Bouton
signed by Europeans: Appolonnius Schotte, kapitein
Volume 1, page 115-117 Aug. 29, 1613 contract number: XLVIII - 48
name kingdom: Boeton
description: Contractboek archief VOC NAN.
place signed: Eiland Bouton
signed by Asians: Sultan Dayan Assianden, koning van Bouton
signed by Europeans: Appolonius Scholte; Pieter Both, gouveneur generaal
Volume 2, page 363-368, 579 Jun. 25, 1667 contract number: CCCXV - 315
name kingdom: Boeton
description: Het Contractboek.- Ook bij Valentijn, I, Moluccos, bldz. 83, v.v
place signed: schip t' hoff van Zeelandt, geanckert in de Victorije baij voor Bouton
signed by Asians: sultan Lasimbatta coningh van Bouton, goegoegoe Jijperamba, ouden zeeadmiraal Lahassa, hoccan off rijx regter Touanpamanna, capt laut Lajipalaut, rijcxraadt Lagoelaguntij, Manduratj, Labatdjigon, Laourij, Lambolodij, Cakialij Lasoule, Manduratij, Lawassa, Latoecandera, Ladingo, Lamoelo, Lamoessa, Labningi Laboa, Lamarija, Lambo lodij, Lapula, Bongaporra, Latoeera, Lamant , Lasseleja, Lancoeno, Lassoelo, capieijn laud Reti
signed by Europeans: Cornelis Speelman, Danckert van der Straaten, Christiaen Poleman, Pierre Dupon.
Volume 3, page 54-55 May. 11, 1677 contract number: CCCLXXXII - 382
name kingdom: Ternate
description: Het Contractboek, Ook in de Overgecomen brieven 1678, vifde boeck, folio 144 verso en 145, en in die van 1694, dertiende boeck, no. 24 (ongwfolieerd).
place signed: paleys, Ternaten
signed by Asians: Coning Amsterdam koning van Ternaten
signed by Europeans: R. Padbugge, Cornelis Sweers. Gerbrandt Proost, Andries Olofsz