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Volume Date Description Area
Volume 5, page 306-310 Feb. 23, 1741 - May. 23, 1740 contract number: DCCCLV - 855
name kingdom: Halmahera
description: Uit het COntractboek. Ook in de verzameling der Kamer-Zeeland, no. 8149 en ten slotte in de Overgecomen brieven 1742, 20ste boeck, folio 259 en volgende.
place signed:
signed by Asians: Prins Ayar Saha Outhoorn, hoecum Tandajan, Prins Sadaha Surwan, ngoffamangira Katto, hatib Mawaura, luytenant Sahariboela, luytenant Pogel, zergeant Jan Pietersz., schryver Bejan, Kalobo, senghadja' van Galilla, houcum Bauwa, hoecum Tabaro, quimelaha Hadje, dito Kanusie, dito Patja, Alpheris, hoecum Siekemilla, kimelaha Birahi, kimelaha Doey, quimelaha Baygoela, capitain Tljege, hoecum Lega, quimelaha Doemaely, quimelaha Ika, ngoffamangira Olla, hoecum Dodoringo, ngoffamangira Denga, ngoffamangira Kalang, quimelaha Kikero, dito Bengula, dito Daaga, dito Katato
signed by Europeans: Enog Christiaan Wiggers, Js Pauwen