Creation of new indexes started

On 7th March 2014 a team of three specialists, Mona Lohanda, Tjandra Mualim and M. Haris Budiawan started a lengthy exercize: the making of indexes on persons and geographical locations. The team will make two persons' indexes: one of Asian names and one of European names. This will make it possible to conduct seperate research on Asian persons, from the small juragan or skipper of a vessel to the Susuhunan of Mataram and Surakarta. The indexes will be visible on the website later, in the same way as the current (expanding) index of ships' names.
Fragment of folio 133, archive file 2496 with two names highlighted

The person names and place names are extracted from the Marginalia of the Daily Journals and will be collected as a separate index. An example is shown here dated 6th February 1684.

It says (in Dutch): Den coopman Everhard van den Schuur van Bantam per Inlants vaartuygh met een briefje van den capitein Harman Dircxe Wanderpoel.

Highlighted in this example are the two names of 'Everhard van den Schuur' and 'Harman Dircxe Wanderpoel'.