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The index of thousands of diplomatic letters can be searched by entering one or more search fields. As all letters do have a source location, destination location, and the name of the ruler who wrote the particular letter, searching with one or more of these search fields will generally give good results. To filter still further the number of results, it is possible to set a time frame. Selection can lead to one or more results. Each result can be clicked on, invoking the browse page on the exact position of the letter in the scans of the original volume of the Daily Journals of Batavia Castle.

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Inserted on Description Archive Reference
Nov. 5, 1763
Original Date: Feb. 18, 1763
Destinations: Naitimu, Timor
Language: Malay (original) Dutch (translated)
file 3573, folio 121-127 
Oct. 24, 1769
Original Date: Sep. 7, 1769
Destination: Batavia
Language: Malay (original) Dutch (translated)
file 3574, folio 248-250