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The realia research database can be searched in full text by entering one or more keywords. One of the subject names may be used as a keyword to start with. To limit the number of results, it is possible to set a time frame. After selecting one or more results, the researcher can click on the realia item invoking the browse page on the exact position in the published Realia.

Via a search in the realia researchers may find more hits for the realia subjects. For instance, the subject ‘Banjermassing’ includes 229 results or realia. When a researcher looks for for ‘Banjermassing’, the number of relevant realia is 350. When researchers subsequently click on ‘Date’, these 350 hits will be chronologically ordered. When a researcher clicks on one realia item, for instance the one of 6 February 1660 she will navigate to the time frame of that particular realia. This way of navigating makes it possible to compare the text of the realia  selected with other realia from that particular month or year to check a possible link to other decisions of the Supreme Government, or to take notice of other facts and events around the selected realium. In this case of Banjermassing, researchers will see how that particular realium fits into the context of twenty-two rather randomly selected decisions taken over the years by the Supreme Government on shipments and trading missions in the category of ‘besending’. The same realium, however, is also categorized under Banjermasin.

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Date Description Archive Reference Subject
Sept. 30, 1649 Bij placcaat werd geëmaneerd dat voortaan met ’s Comps retourschepen geen transport zal worden verleend aan Inlandsche vrouwen noch ook aan mannen, die met de zodanige getrouwd zijn, zul­lende zij alzo min met vreemde schepen naar Nederland mogen gaan, 30 September 1649. file 864, folios 127-136 Vrouwen (Inlandsche)