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The research database with 46,467 entries include all three published nineteenth-century volumes of Realia. The realia are ordered by date, description and subject in different columns. When a researcher wishes  to become familiar with the more than 2,050 eighteenth-century realia subjects, she can browse through the subjects. If she wants to read all realia from a particular year, she can order the realia chronologically by clicking on ‘Date’.

The screen always starts with ‘Aanbestedingen’ on top in the column of ‘Subject’. The columns can be reordered when the researcher clicks on ‘Date’, ‘Description’ or ‘Subject’. Because of the sheer number of entries it is advisable to make some selections by subject or year first.

The scanning of more than 211,000 folios of resolution books is finished, and the realia research database is linked to the scan store. After clicking a realia, the system will retrieve all the scans by date. This means that the researcher will see all the scans of the resolution texts from a particular meeting of the Supreme Government. Within this set of scans the researcher will have to search for the text passage that matches with the content of the selected realium.

Date Description Archive Reference Subject
] Huyden en Vellen
. Buiten Comptoiren
April 26, 1675 rechten, 26 April 1675. file 887, folios 77-78 Zaagmolen
Aug. 1, 1774 Weder van arak toegestaan, 1 Augustus 1774. Vrije Vaart en Handel
Aug. 18, 1656 Weder te verpagten, 18 Augustus 1656. Waag
Aug. 20, 1779 Zie Sabandhaars, 20 Augustus 1779. Suyker
1 baatje. Hospitaal
als 39 Boekhouders Ceylon
2 chirurgijns Hospitaal
2 Chirurgijns. Dienaaren der Compagnie
Aug. 17, 1802 Constringeeren, 17 Augustus 1802. Inlandsche Zaken
Aug. 5, 1706 De cabessa werd van 3 ½ tot 4 Rds de picol, ver­hoogt, 5 Augustus 1706. file 924, folios 579-584 Suyker
Aug. 5, 1712 De afgewezen Bantamse slegte zuyker, zal tholvrij teruggebragt werden, 5 Augustus 1712. Suyker
Aug. 19, 1738 De suyker werd 1/4 Rds pr picol in prijs verhoogt. 19 Augustus 1738. file 982, folios 1173-1231 Suyker
Dec. 8, 1795 betaaling, 8 December 1795. Oostersche Provintien
Dec. 2, 1731 appel, 2 December 1731. file 954, folio 119 Maccasser
Dec. 22, 1769 De uitvoer van zuiker voor 1770 weder toege­staan, 22 December 1769. Vrije Vaart en Handel
Dec. 10, 1772 Zie Resolutie 10 December 1772. Vrije Vaart en Handel
Dec. 15, 1654 selve, 15 December 1654. file 867, folios 191-193 Suyker
Dec. 8, 1774 Zie besoigne 8 December. Ternaten