Browse Marginalia

The marginalia are ordered chronologically. Unlike the realia, there is no subject or persons repertorium. Browsing is possible if you click on ‘Date’ or ‘Archive Reference’, a reference to the inventory number and folio number. When a researcher clicks on the archive reference item or icon, a new tab will open with the scan of the folio that corresponds with the marginalium.

Date Description Archive Reference
Jan. 3, 1659 Cornelis Mol tot secretaris van de Weescamer gestelt file 2460, folio 3
Jan. 3, 1659 Den meesterknecht Leendert Jansen van den Briel aen den timmerluyden tot baes gestelt in vacante plaetse file 2460, folio 3
Jan. 2, 1659 d’Hr. gouverneur generaal geeft afscheyt aen ’t volck van Tommogon Patty nevens een brief aen haer heer file 2460, folio 2
Jan. 1, 1659 De generale verpachtingen van ’s Compagnies domeynen op Batavia over ’t jaer 1659[1] file 2460, folio 1-2
Jan. 1, 1659 […] gesaemenlick per maent gerendeert 6832 file 2460, folio 2