European names

All names of European persons that are mentioned in the marginalia are listed here. In this section these names are alphabetically arranged and the names all start with the last name, followed by first name. Every name in the list is followed by the number of relevant marginalia entries for that particular name. When a researcher clicks on a particular name, the search page will be invoked with that name used as a selection criterium.

Person names are not standardized in the list below. This means that some names will have several different spelling variants, or can be incomplete where sometimes the first name is missing.

Only real person names are mentioned here in the list, without any prefixes ('de heer', 'juffrouw'), titles (like: 'uwe edele') or occupations (like: 'coopman', 'schipper'). 

In the marginalia sometimes a reference to a person is written down without actually mentioning the person name, for example 'Gouvereur resident op Macassar' or 'Haer Edelens'. In these cases this reference is not included in the name list.