Asian names

All names of Asian persons that are mentioned in the marginalia are listed here. In this section these names are alphabetically arranged. Unlike the European names, the asian names are not split into first name and last name, because the distinction between these is not always clear. Every name in the list is followed by the number of relevant marginalia entries for that particular name. When a researcher clicks on a particular name, the search page will be invoked with that name used as a selection criterium.

Person names are not standardized in the list below. Some names have several different spelling variants.

Unlike the european names not only real names are mentioned here in the list, but also references to persons. Usually the official title and place of origin is used to reference to a local ruler without mentioning the actual person name. Maybe these names were not really known to the authorities or possibly too difficult to remember or write down.

In some cases more than one person is mentioned at the same time, for example 'panglima en panghoeloes' indicate several people together as a group. This reference is not split up in the list below.