Surat dari Susuhunan Amangkurat II di Kartasura kepada Pemerintah Agung di Batavia, 18 December 1699

Translation of the letter in Javanese written to Their Excellencies the Supreme Government in Batavia by Susuhunan Amangkurat Senapati Ingalaga (Sousouhounang Amancourat Sena Patty Ingalaga).
This letter replete with many salutations and [wishes] for a long life and good health comes from Susuhunan Ratu Amangkurat Senapati Ingalaga Abdulrahman Muhammad Zainulkubra, who holds his court in the land of Kartasura Adiningrat, and rules over the coasts and the entire country of Java, to his father the Lord Governor-General, and so forth and so forth.
It is accompanied by my envoys named Tumenggung Martapura Puspatruna and Dermasuta, whom I send to Batavia to appear before His Illustrious Excellency in order to inform about the enemy Surapati [Soerapaty] who at this moment is about to depart to Surabaya [886] to capture the same, as I have been told by those people who are taking care of the residence of Ngabehi Jangrana. The enemy is now in the district named Paketingan, with 800 men armed with snaphances and 800 with other weapons. There is also another enemy group which he commanded to capture Panaraga, Madiun and Kannagattar, the which they have already achieved. The enemy is now in Wolak Walikan on the Kiping River, and my armed men from Kartasura have their palisade on the eastern bank to the west of the district of Wolak Walikan. And I have now posted around half of my men with their arms on the Paseban, as the enemy is around three hours distant from Kartasura. And this is the reason why I have again dispatched Tumenggung Martapura to entreat the help of Your Illustrious Excellency, because the Javanese children have difficulties to offer resistance against the enemy Surapti.
I also request Your Illustrious Excellency that Tumenggung Marta Pura may be assisted as speedily as possible by Your Illustrious Excellency, because I fear in my heart that without the help and succour of Your Illustrious Excellency my country will be lost and this is why I so greatly desire the power and assistance of the Company because, although there might be many who would be prepared to help me, and Your Illustrious Excellency would disapprove, I would not be prepared to tackle it.
Furthermore, before Tumenggung Martapura has returned from his embassy, I was planning to send Tumenggung Sumabrata to Your [887] Illustrious Excellency, but then the enemy arrived with the strength to capture Panaraga and Madiun, and therefore [my intention] has been more honoured in the breach than in the observance, but once the matter has been settled, I shall indeed dispatch Tumenggung Sumabrata to appear before Your Illustrious Excellency.
Finally, on account of the gift sent to me by Your Illustrious Excellency, to wit:
1 pair of gilded snaphances
2 side arms mounted with suwasa (pinchbeck)
2 looking glasses
2 lacquered caskets
2 lacquered shields
2 lacquered betel sets
2 ditto of another sort
2 lacquered dishes
1 piece of Dutch velvet
2 bodidaers with gold flowers
4 double pieces of Mataram cotton cloth (used for curtains)
4 double pieces of Sarassa (silk cloth from the Coromandel Coast)
4 double pieces of tape cloth
2 hammans (thick cloths used for shawls)
6 coffers of rosewater
1 cellaret of Dutch spirits
1 keg of beer
1 cask of butter [fol. 888]
2 barrels of gunpowder
2 cheeses and
3 Persian horses
We have received the same for which I heartily thank my father, and I also ask my father for a drum and that it might be sent to me.
All which remains to be said has been delegated to my envoys.