New image viewer available

In December 2013 we have introduced a new image viewer. This viewer can show the images in a higher resolution and the images can be temporarily enhanced to improve readability.

A new image viewer is implemented in the Harta Karun section and the Archive section. It can be reached by clicking on an individual folio page as shown in these sections. The image viewer opens by default with a low resolution scan of the page.

Using the mouse it is possible to zoom in and out, and move the image around (panning). The viewer has a row of buttons at the bottom that can be used to enhance the image. Filters can be applied multiple times without limitations and the original image can be restored easily.

The buttons are briefly explained here and the advice is just to experiment with them to see the effects:

(1) Zoom to fit the image vertical in the viewer
(2) Zoom in to show full size
(3) Zoom in one step
(4) Zoom out one step
(5) Rotate 90 degrees left
(6) Rotate 90 degrees right

(7) Show image in low resolution
(8) Show image in medium resolution
(9) Show image in highest resolution 

(10) Lock or unlock the automatic filtering. Locking implies that each change in a filter will be processed immediately.
(11) When filters are unlocked, this button will invoke processing the image with the indicated filters
(12) Restores the image and erases the applied filters
(13) Open or close the filter panel