Database of the Marginalia Daily Journals of Batavia Castle successfully completed

After a marathon three-month session, Dr. Hendrik. E. Niemeijer, completed the marginalia of the Daily Journals of Batavia Castle from 1659-1682. A large part of these marginalia were transcribed by Drs. Mona Lohanda in 2013. During the recent three-month period, Dr. Niemeijer corrected Mrs. Lohanda’s typoscript of 765 pages sentence by sentence, comparing every word with the original Dutch text in the manuscript, adding text where required.

Once converted to Excel, the new Marginalia website text delivered more than 20.000 new records. The final database of the Marginalia show 117,390 searchable records. The ship’s names mentioned in the marginalia have been added to the Ships' Index. The final number of ships mentioned in the Marginalia is 7449. With this addition, we have created the largest single source of reference for Dutch-Asiatic and Intra-Asiatic shipping available online.

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