Ships names

The Appendices to the General Resolutions contain many documents received and given to ship’s captains. When you click a ship’s name from the alphabetical index below, you will be directly linked to the search page with document descriptions. On the search page you can see the types of documents related to the particular ship you are looking for. The search page brings you to the archival documents.

Ship names are not standardized in this list. Different spelling variants exist and usage of the word ‘de’ appear in the list. 

Some ships are also mentioned in the Marginalia but there will also be some new ship names here in the Appendices. 
See also the Marginalia section of this website.

At the moment the descriptions of the Appendices to the General Resolutions only cover the first years. Hopefully they will be extended in the future until the end of the 18th century and the number of ship names in the list will increase.